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For Employers

Entrust your employees' healthcare to us. We have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of corporate health plans, employee benefits programmes, and claims administration.

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Medical Treatment and Claims, all in one

The corporate health insurance industry is diverse and complicated. Numerous processes and paperwork need to be fulfilled in order to ensure a smooth claims process for your employees' treatment.

We are experts in this landscape. Besides providing medical treatment, our administrative team has direct liaisons with insurers and this ensures your employees' claims proceed smoothly and efficiently. 

Corporate Health  Services and Programmes

Employee health is an important pillar of any company's success. Trust us to support your employees' health with our professional knowledge. Our Employee Benefits Concierge services help your employees navigate the complexities of their EB plans, advise on coverage limits, thereby letting your employees make informed decisions on their treatments.

Our corporate services include: 

  • Medical treatment

  • Injury treatment

  • Work Permit/Employment Pass service

  • Certification of LPA and AMD

  • Corporate Health Talks

  • Employee Benefits Concierge

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Get In Touch with Us to discuss how your employees can benefit

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Tel: 8759 0144

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Why Choose Us?

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Tangible Value

By focusing on what matters most to our patients, clients and partners, we bring tangible, palpable value.



We believe in transparent business practices as the way to build trusting long-term relationships.

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Highly Specialised

In addition to doctoring, Legatus Medical is highly specialised in the medical claims ecosystem.

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Experienced Doctors

Our doctors are empathetic, experienced, and experts in their fields. Come see them for yourselves!

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Constant Innovation

By continually innovating on our practices, operations and technology-adoption, we continue to increase our value for clients.  

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Hassle-free Claims

Our trained team facilitates claims for patients, insurers and employers in a hassle-free, efficient way.

Frequently-asked Questions

  • What parts of claims administration do you handle?

  • Are you a medical Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or broker?

  • Do you charge administrative fees?

  • How can I be sure my insurer will cover my treatment?

  • How do my employees benefit from your services?

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