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For Insurers / Brokers

Get peace of mind that your members' treatment is medically indicated and charged at mutually pre-agreed rates.

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Our Promise to Insurers

As an Insurer, your top priorities would likely be expert, efficient treatment for your members at acceptable and ethical rates.


Both of which are our top strengths.

Doing it this way is the best way to achieve an efficient, trusting and sustainable health ecosystem. 

In our practice, we actively maintain open communication channels and are transparent in our charges, giving you the utmost assurance for your members' treatment.

Administrative Capabilities

Our administrative team handles all procedures in an efficient, meticulous way, giving you a hassle-free claims process. These include:

  • Claims submissions with appropriate, proper documentation

  • Claims for Pre- and Post-hospitalisation

  • Managing claims from personal and corporate insurers

  • Expeditious, after-office hours correspondence


We believe in building long-term, trusting relationships. We succeed only by offering our clients the utmost, truest value.

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Get In Touch with Us for a private and confidential discussion

1 Scotts Road, #24-05

Shaw Centre, S(228208)

Tel: 8759 0144

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Why Choose Us?

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Tangible Value

By focusing on what matters most to our patients, clients and partners, we bring tangible, palpable value.



We believe in transparent business practices as the way to build trusting long-term relationships.

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Highly Specialised

In addition to doctoring, Legatus Medical is highly specialised in the medical claims ecosystem.

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Experienced Doctors

Our doctors are empathetic, experienced, and experts in their fields. Come see them for yourselves!

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Constant Innovation

By continually innovating on our practices, operations and technology-adoption, we continue to increase our value for clients.  

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Hassle-free Claims

Our trained team facilitates claims for patients, insurers and employers in a hassle-free, efficient way.

Frequently-asked Questions

  • What parts of claims administration do you handle?

  • Are you a medical Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or broker?

  • Do you charge administrative fees?

  • How can I be sure my insurer will cover my treatment?

  • How do my employees benefit from your services?

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