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For Patients

Consult our experienced and empathetic doctors. We always consider your interests first, both for your medical condition and holistically.

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Empathetic, Experienced, Expert Doctors

Doctoring is never an easy skill. Not only does each Patient's medical condition require diagnosis and expert treatment, many factors which affect the overall treatment episode have to be considered as well. These include the Patient's expectations, social circumstances and medical coverage.


Our doctors pride themselves not only on providing the best treatment for each Patient, but also on considering each Patient's case holistically and individually, in order to derive individualised and often unique treatment solutions.    

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Advanced Medical Directive (AMD)

The LPA is an important legal document that allows you (the Donor) to appoint someone (the Donee) to make decisions for your personal welfare, properties and assets. This is important in unfortunate situations where you have lost your mental capacity.

The AMD is a legal document to inform the doctor that, in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious, you do not want extra-ordinary life-sustaining treatments to prolong your life.


These documents represent important decisions that you make now to protect yourself and your loved ones should the worst happen. Visit us to have these documents certified.

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Treatment and Claims Support

Holistic treatment and support for each Patient's case includes supporting your treatment claims with appropriate documents and processes.


This is especially important given the complexities of modern insurance plans. We are experts in this landscape and will assist to make your claims as hassle-free as possible. Our administrative services for patients include:

  • Pre-Hospitalisation claims

  • Post-Hospitalisation claims

  • Obtaining Letter of Guarantee for treatment

  • Direct Billing with Insurer

  • Addressing Insurer queries

Submit an enquiry about your condition, LPA or AMD here.

We will reply to you as soon as we can.

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Why Choose Us?

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Tangible Value

By focusing on what matters most to our patients, clients and partners, we bring tangible, palpable value.



We believe in transparent business practices as the way to build trusting long-term relationships.

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Highly Specialised

In addition to doctoring, Legatus Medical is highly specialised in the medical claims ecosystem.

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Experienced Doctors

Our doctors are empathetic, experienced, and experts in their fields. Come see them for yourselves!

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Constant Innovation

By continually innovating on our practices, operations and technology-adoption, we continue to increase our value for clients.  

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Hassle-free Claims

Our trained team facilitates claims for patients, insurers and employers in a hassle-free, efficient way.

Frequently-asked Questions

  • What parts of claims administration do you handle?

  • Are you a medical Third-Party Administrator (TPA) or broker?

  • Do you charge administrative fees?

  • How can I be sure my insurer will cover my treatment?

  • How do my employees benefit from your services?

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